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Kissflow recognised as Representative Vendor by Gartner's BPA Tool Market Guide
Thu, 14th Dec 2023

Kissflow, a low-code work platform, has been recognised as a Representative Vendor in the Business Process Automation (BPA) Tool Market Guide by Gartner, the prominent research and advisory organisation.

The inclusion is significant, given that Gartner's guide is a well-respected resource for enterprise application leaders looking for insights into features, functionalities, use cases, trends, and noted vendors in the sector.

BPA tools are instrumental in supporting digital transformation and cost optimisation within organisations, automating and tracking end-to-end business procedures to enhance efficiency.

Kissflow has found favour among a range of professionals - from IT leaders and developers to business users and process owners - for building custom solutions both swiftly and on a large scale. Crucially, the platform allows those users to add a layer of automation to standard processes and streamline workflows using advanced analytics.

The Gartner report includes Kissflow among an impressive roster of industry leaders, which also includes IBM, Pegasystems, Appian, Salesforce, and Microsoft. These vendors have been assessed based on their capabilities across four key use cases: simple workflow automation, end-to-end automation, case management, and service orchestration.

"We believe that this recognition reiterates Kissflow's strong BPA capabilities and its positioning in the market," says Kissflow CPO Dinesh Varadharajan. "We are committed to enabling business users to create complex workflows, drive efficiencies and feel empowered to own their technology stack."

Kissflow's platform presents an intelligent choice for businesses keen to refine their operations. Its user-friendly design empowers business leaders to execute processes without the need for advanced coding knowledge, making it a more accessible tool than traditional Business Process Management (BPM) software.

Kissflow's BPM feature offers swift implementation, which typically takes days rather than months, and presents a simplified and speedy user interface that reduces the need for extensive training.

This guide serves as an excellent resource for enterprise users researching business automation tools. It offers a greater understanding of the market's key features, functionality, use cases, and trends, along with a list of representative vendors. The complete Market Guide for BPA Tools is available on the Gartner website.

Kissflow provides a low-code work platform for enterprises to digitally transform business operations. The company is focused on transforming operations by fostering citizen development with its easy-to-use interface for business users while enabling enterprise IT with a robust development and governance layer. Kissflow enables every enterprise user to build and manage apps, processes, tasks, analytics, integration, and collaboration in a unified platform.