26 Aug 2014
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Kiwi analytics firm changes name... makes sense of business data boom

Business intelligence and analysis company Cortell is changing its name to Mindfull.

Director Richard Johnson says the name change reflects the challenge of making sense of the boom in business data.

“Our business has responded to customer needs to keep track of the data so it’s reliable, and make sense of it to improve business performance," he says.

“The name ‘Mindfull’ is a sign that the nature of business intelligence is changing.

“In two short decades the industry has gone from manually manipulated spreadsheets to data pouring automatically from hundreds of sources into massive databases."

Johnson says companies are collecting data from machinery in the factory, tablets in the hands of salespeople and technicians, and from customer service systems.

And as a result, sophisticated tools are available to collect the data and analyse it, and the costs are falling.

"The new challenge is to find hidden and valuable meaning in data, and make practical use of it,” Johnson adds.

The company serves a range of corporates, government agencies and NGOs from offices in Auckland and Wellington, primarily placing IBM business intelligence software alongside the client’s systems to use in analysis.

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