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Kiwi company recognises face value

17 Jan 2012

A kiwi construction and civil infrastructure firm has implemented new facial recognition technology to solve a messy problem in its staff management routines.

The company, Total Infrastructure Limited (TIL), was keen to implement a solution to record staff clocking in and out, in order to keep track of attendance and manage wage costs. However, biometric devices that use finger scanning rely on a clean fingerprint, something that isn’t always possible in the dirty workshop environment. 

The FaceClock system is able to scan each employee’s face in just a moment, verifying their identity almost instantly by matching it up at more than sixty main points. It is immune to weather extremes so can be used in hot, humid or cold conditions, and can be linked to door access for security environments.

The New Zealand distributor of the technology, Time Target, says it is used around the world across multiple industries, with clients including Microsoft, Nokia, Compaq, Toshiba and Sony Ericsson.

Information from FaceClock can be used in rostering and award software, and sent to payroll to eliminate staff data entry errors.

Check out the FaceClock website here, or go here for more on Time Target.