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Kiwi enterprise software developer scratches own itch
Mon, 24th Jun 2013
FYI, this story is more than a year old

It was an unlikely synergy that brought New Zealand business Connector Systems and its order processing software provider, Javelin, together.

Connector Systems had an itch that it needed to scratch – it needed a reliable order processing solution and OrderWare Solutions, the original developers of the software, needed a buyer.

The software has had a tumultuous ride from its early development – in Delphi for use with big IBM mainframes – back in 1998 as Orderware to its redevelopment and rebranding as I Am Javelin today.

In 2000, Genie Systems was bought out by management, changed its name to OrderWare Solutions, and started an aggressive growth campaign which saw it taking on huge US corporations as customers. In its hey-day it had a team of 60 people, a sales team in the US and the backing of venture capital firms to help it grow further.

Unfortunately, the .com crash knocked the wind out of the company’s sail. It struggled on but pulled back to centre solely on the Australian and New Zealand markets with a special focus on providing order processing solutions for printing companies like Blue Star and Geon.

A complete rewrite of the system into Java in 2002 saw it start to pick up customers in new industries including Metrix, the meter reading division of Mighty River Power. A field ticketing system that enabled the company to send jobs to its contractors in the field was developed specifically for them.

Connector Systems bought out the company in 2011 - soon after the software had undergone another major rewrite. The rewrite had modernised the system and included new browser technology like Ajax, which took advantage of its experience in two key areas – field ticket systems and order processing software. At the same time the software evolved into a platform to develop other solutions on.

Late 2012 saw Orderware was rebranded as Javelin and it is now a platform for five additional products – three in the enterprise space and two offering SME/SaaS solutions.

In a major coup for the company, Rinnai Australia was added to the customers using the field service system in 2012 - the company's first success under the Connector Systems banner.

As well as being used by Connector Systems to keep track of its own order processing, the company’s resellers are now expected to use the software and have the added benefit of being able to sell it on to their own customers as well.

Javelin also provides a range of additional services and solutions, including customising its software to meet its customers’ needs, project management, training and consultation. It offers three implementation options for its software, including a Cloud solution fully hosted in Javelin’s data center, and licensed or subscription services hosted on its customers’ own site.

All this is accomplished with a development team of nine, headquartered in Auckland and with team members in both Wellington and Perth. Administration and sales staff are shared with parent company Connector Systems.

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