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Kiwi firm makes GPS fleet management easy for business

31 Aug 2012

For small to large companies that are aiming to improve profitability by managing their outgoings more efficiently fleet management can’t be overlooked.
If you’re worried about some hugely complicated package you needn’t, some fleet management systems are extremely easy to use, showing your company vehicles on your choice of map on one screen and enabling you to download quick and comprehensive management reports for analysis.
With most GPS fleet management packages you’ll know where your company vehicles are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You’ll be able to divert a nearby technician to a callout without having to contact them to find out where they are or needing them to ring in to update their location, maximising accountability and profitability. Research shows that a
company that has just five vehicles you can save $220,000 over 3 years.
As Andrew Wallington, the director of ITS Fleet Management, points out it there is no need for fleet management to be complicated, it can be very easy to set up and use with low monthly service fees which pay for themselves many times over in increased profitability. With companies such as his you get a personalised service and they use own local servers so their client’s information is not sent off to the other side of the world. They also offer comprehensive training and back-up for free.
Andrew's business can be found here.