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Know the benefits before making the switch to VoIP

By Shannon Williams, Thu 16 Apr 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Voice over Internet Protocol services are used across a variety of organisations, from small business owners to major corporations, as well as consumers who use VoIP services on their private smartphones and within their homes. 

Christchurch-based provider PhoneVoIP, New Zealand’s largest reseller of 3CX Windows-based PBX software, says businesses can benefit from using VoIP instead of the ‘outdated’ copper network. 

“The primary difference of VoIP is that the prices are far more appealing,” the company says in a blogpost. 

The company offers five reasons Kiwi business should consider making the switch to VoIP. 

•    Saves money and cost efficient  Whether you’re using VoIP for your residence or your business, you’ll find it to be a lot cheaper than your normal landline telephone cost, be it short or long distance calls. However, the cost varies from one VoIP provider to another. Some allow unlimited calls and some charge only a small fee.  •    Integration with audio, data and video applications How about the ability to integrate your computer applications such as email, fax, web conferencing and video phone with your telephone needs? You are able to use your phone while accessing all your other programmes and surf the internet at the same time. This way, you’ll save more money and energy as it combines all of the services into one basic application. •    Flexibility You’re able to take your VoIP adapters anywhere and use your number anywhere there’s an internet connection. This includes travelling overseas, staying in hotels and even camping. This is suitable for those with active lifestyles and those whose jobs require much travel. •    Ability to choose your own area codes Suitable for those whose friends and family who live in one particular location. By having the ability to choose your own area code, they are able to call you and will be charged as a local call. This means, they don’t have to pay for long distance charges. Some VoIP providers even extend their area codes to other countries. This is beneficial to you if you have someone who lives halfway across the world. •    Offer features for free Features that typically cost extra with normal phones are bundled with VoIP. These features include Voice Mail, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Block, Call Return and Do Not Disturb.

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