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Kordia dips a toe into the NZ medium-enterprise market

By Catherine Knowles, Mon 16 Mar 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Kordia is targeting medium-enterprise (ME) businesses, diversifying its offerings to provide technology and service options at more affordable prices.

The Kordia ME solutions include the provision of internet at full throttle with no lag, SIP voice, multi-site connection, remote back-up, Wi-Fi connectivity and security.

All solutions can be tailored for individual businesses, and ready-made packages are also available, Kordia says.

Kordia’s customer base has traditionally comprised of large enterprise organisations with multi-million dollar technology budgets.

The technology provider says the same principles applied with these customers can be applied to the ME market, particularly when it comes to network service.

Drew Gilpin, Kordia director sales and marketing, says regardless of size, all business owners are trying to eliminate downtime or outages.

Kordia says the New Zealand connection runs directly from the client’s premises to the Kordia internet gateway to provide consistent, reliable and high-performance internet.

Services are delivered through a single dedicated and scalable connection which enables businesses to add extra phone lines and to check exactly how much internet is being used.

“Uptake of fibre is increasing and our research shows a quarter of MEs are now on that network.

“And at the same time, businesses are becoming more confident in using new IT solutions. They’re beginning to realise that being small in size should not equal substandard service,” he says.

“There is a lot of competition out there but our internal research has shown reliability and stability of network service is top of mind for ME businesses and that’s exactly where Kordia’s sweet spot is,” says Gilpin. 

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