03 Dec 2012
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Kordia’s IT Superhero winner revealed…

Kordia has announced the winner of their IT Superhero competition, in the form of Evertec Solutions computer specialist Edward Minnell.

Beating off nine other finalists to claim the prize, Edward has won a trip for two to the NASA Centre in Florida.

Aimed at acknowledging the unsung heroes in your business, the telco launched the IT Superhero Award earlier this year, with the lucky winner receiving a return trip to Orlando, taking in a tour of the Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex plus five nights of accommodation.

And if this wasn’t enough for Edward also wins $500 cash for an office shout to celebrate the victory.

Edward is a network and computer specialist who could be earning the big bucks in any number of corporate roles.

But instead he’s working for modest rates in Decile 1 and 2 schools keeping their systems and computers running.

What the nominators had to say about Edward:

“Saved me more times than I can count ” - Phil Hudson

“Eds simply IS a Superhero. he is a phenomenal man and he keeps life ticking along both in his work and in his private worlds. He is an enormous gift to the world and he is one of my heros xxx” - Kirsti Chapman

“Not only does he help up date the schools in the region, but has always been there for friends and family who need help. I would have gone nuts if he hadn't helped me with my computer issues. :) ” - Anita Aislabie

What the voters had to say about Edward:

“As you say we'd be stuffed without them and he's the best” - Glen Nixon

“I am impressed by the way that ed is dedicating his talents to improving our childrens furures with technology. That field does not pay the best but the personal rewards would be limitless. Go ED!!” - Tania TeWiata

“He has the patience of a super hero when helping us mere mortals deal with the frustrations of IT gone wrong - thanks Ed and good luck.” - Linda Ireton

Congratulations to Edward from everyone at Techday.

More info here.

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