25 Jul 2014
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Labour ups ICT ante with new digital proposals...

Labour will close the digital divide with its Connectivity Upgrade to ensure all New Zealanders can be part of a growing, more connected economy and have the right to access quality broadband.

That's according to Labour Leader David Cunliffe, who when outlining the party's ICT policy this week, claims the digital revolution presents "huge economic opportunities for New Zealand."

"But the current Government’s lack of vision means these opportunities are being missed and too many New Zealanders are being left behind," Cunliffe claims.

“At least one in five Kiwis doesn’t have regular access to the internet. That’s too many in the 21st Century.

“National’s vision for a connected New Zealand has been mired in the cost of copper.

"Labour’s vision is a New Zealand that reaps all the benefits of the communications revolution and the ‘internet of things’."

According to Cunliffe, the next Labour Government will put internet connectivity at the heart of its agenda - claiming to:

* Close the digital divide by improving access to broadband in the regions and in low-income communities through reviews of ultra-fast broadband, regional broadband initiatives and trialling new regional and urban connection pilots.

* Build a more connected economy by modernising telecommunications regulation so there is greater certainty and uptake for industry, businesses and consumers.

* Protect Kiwis’ rights online by introducing a Digital Bill of Rights, upgrading our copyright laws and empowering digital citizenship.

"Labour has already announced it will close the digital divide in schools and will put ICT at the heart of our Economic Upgrade, which shows our commitment to a digital New Zealand," Cunliffe adds.

“Only Labour can deliver the digital future New Zealand needs."

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