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LG unveils world's first 3D smartphone

15 Feb 2011

The Mobile World Congress in now Barcelona is in full swing, where LG choose to unveil what it’s hailing as the world's first full 3D smartphone.

The Optimus 3D is said to allow users to be able to watch 3D videos without the need to wear special glasses.

They’ll also be able to record 3D content with a double camera on the back of the device.

Optimus runs on Android and has a 4.3-inch screen. In an effort to make it easy for users to share their flash 3D videos, LG has jumped into bed with YouTube.

"For users to be able to create content will be paramount to reach a critical mass in 3D content," said Daniel Hernandez, LG Director of Product Marketing in Europe. "We believe this phone will act as a catalyst to create the 3D mobile industry."

LG also unveiled a new tablet, the Optimus Pad, which isn’t 3D. Weighing in at 654 grams with an 8.9” screen, LG says it’s far easier to pick up with one hand when compared to other tablets on the market.