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Lifecycle Software earns TM Forums Open API Certification
Thu, 28th Mar 2024

UK-based Lifecycle Software, a global OCS and BSS solution provider, has achieved the TM Forums Open API Certification for Product Catalog and Product Ordering Management. This achievement comes as part of Lifecycle's Unified Catalog, and aims to aid in the agility, dependability, and scalability of telecom services.

The certified Open APIs contained in Lifecycle's Unified Catalog will provide a multitude of benefits to the enterprise IT ecosystem. These APIs are intended to ensure a smooth and swift progression of new market offerings. The APIs also facilitate lifecycle management of catalog entities, standardise product ordering, and provide a consistent set of operations across all platforms.

George Glass, CTO of the TM Forum, congratulated Lifecycle Software, saying, "Lifecycle Software's commitment to TM Forum’s Open API standards will benefit the entire enterprise IT ecosystem." He went on to recognise the critical role these Open APIs play in the development of new digital services and applications, signifying Lifecycle's strong position in addressing telecom needs.

The Product Catalog Management API (TMF620) offers a means of managing catalog entities and accessing catalog items in processes such as sales, order placement, and campaign operations. The Product Ordering API (TMF622) provides a standardised framework for product orders, seamlessly integrating with external systems such as CRM/Order Negotiation systems, providing consistent interaction across all platforms.

Kelvin Chaffer, CEO at Lifecycle Software, expressed his company's commitment and pride over the achievement, stating, "With this accreditation, we reinforce our commitment to providing telecom operators with agility, dependability, and scalability. Our Unified catalog platform continues to lead the way, offering a comprehensive solution that empowers brands with agility and efficiency."

The Unified Catalog (UC) consolidates the commercial and technical needs of telecom businesses into one overarching, cloud-native, stand-alone solution. Suitable for MNOs, MVNOs, and telecommunications companies, this vendor-agnostic platform facilitates the ease of bringing new propositions to market, backed by open APIs, a user-friendly UI, and a sophisticated optimization engine.

Lifecycle Software states it is focused on offering a robust and future-ready approach. It focuses on staying at the edge of OCS (Online Charging System), billing, and BSS (Business Support System) solutions. By keeping a pulse on changing regulations, technological advancements, and business needs, Lifecycle ensures that its clients can confidently navigate the connected world of 5G throughout various digital transformations.

The company states, "Our focus is keeping our software future-ready by design, helping our clients maintain a competitive edge and priming them for sustained incremental growth. We introduce new value-added ideas to the platform and update our software to ensure compliance with changing regulations, technological developments and evolving business needs."