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Lufthansa Systems & Travelport collab to enhance airline network planning
Tue, 19th Dec 2023

Lufthansa Systems has teamed up with global technology company Travelport to streamline and enhance network planning for airlines through their innovative Global Market Size Data toolkit. This partnership equips airlines with the ability to utilise solutions from Lufthansa Systems' NetLine series, already calibrated based on Travelport's Global Market Size Data, eliminating the need for a separate data licence.

Lufthansa Systems' collaboration with Travelport allows even small to medium-sized airlines access to Global Market Size Data - a breakthrough considering the challenges airlines traditionally face in obtaining and processing such quality passenger data. The capacity-based passenger projection model provided by Travelport gives clear origin and destination market size estimates, incorporating billions of data points from a wide range of sources, to generate daily itinerary estimates.

Through NetLine/Plan, Lufthansa Systems' leading airline network planning tool designed in coordination with several network airlines globally, airlines now have a robust solution to address their most complex planning problems. NetLine/Plan maximises profitability across an airline's entire schedule by facilitating intelligent network planning decisions with unprecedented speed, accuracy, and transparency. Now available pre-calibrated on Travelport's Global Market Size Data, NetLine/Plan has become even more effective.

Alongside NetLine/Plan, Lufthansa Systems' NetLine/Fleet Assigner and NetLine/Hub Designer offer a comprehensive set of solutions for fleet management and network design. NetLine/Fleet Assigner ensures efficient capacity utilisation by assigning the right aircraft type according to passenger forecast while maintaining operational viability. Similarly, NetLine/Hub Designer optimises multi-hub networks, fleet utilisation, and creates ideal bank structures, balancing supply and demand respecting operational restrictions. By leveraging Travelport's Global Market Size Data, Lufthansa Systems also offers Network and Fleet Planning Consulting packages.

Claire Charles, Head of Data and Business Intelligence Sales at Travelport, commented on the new partnership by stating: "Together, we're providing airlines an end-to-end solution that delivers valuable in-depth market data. Customers will also be able to choose and flexibly adjust the extent of data according to their needs, making this a truly customizable solution."

Jan-Peter Gaense, Head of NetLine at Lufthansa Systems, added, "Our partnership with Travelport has opened new opportunities for us to provide our customers with even better end-to-end solutions. We strive to innovate and optimize our products, constantly adjusting them to our customers' needs. With NetLine/Plan our customers will be able to acquire their critical network planning market data needs and therefore gain an accurate future market model."