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ManageEngine - Changing the game in IT management
Wed, 30th Jul 2014
FYI, this story is more than a year old

“ManageEngine is changing the game in IT management software,” claims Rajesh Ganesan, director of product management, ManageEngine.

“Our products help IT provide more value and act as a perfect fit for any business of any size.”

Flourishing as a division of online business giant Zoho, Ganesan believes when it comes to IT management software, ManageEngine fits the target demographic of the New Zealand market.

In a market which typically houses businesses of 50 staff or less, ManageEngine products possess the flexibility to service Kiwi customers across a range of organisation sizes, from small IT teams to large service desk implementation incorporating a 250 seat licence or more.

“Our business model allows greater flexibility with regards to the size of our client base,” adds Ganesan, who believes a key point of difference for ManageEngine centres around flexibility within the market.

In New Zealand, ManageEngine serves the market with clients such as leading online marketplace Trade Me, insurance brokers Crombie Lockwood and Hutt City Council among others.

“ManageEngine products are easy to download, install, configure, and deploy,” Ganesan adds.

“No third-party support services or help is needed which is why our solutions have become the preferred, do-it-yourself alternatives to complex, expensive products from the Big 4.

“We take a straightforward, customer-centric approach to IT management software, an approach which caters to the needs of varying business sizes.”

From small and midsize businesses to organisations of greater scale, ManageEngine questions the complex, IT management suites crippling the market today, shifting the industry goal posts in the process.

“We take a simple, transparent approach to the business of IT management software,” Ganesan adds. “Our pricing has no hidden costs and is available on our website.

“Customers can download our products for a free trial, so they can make informed purchase decisions.”

5 things you need to know about ManageEngine:

1. 90,000+ businesses worldwide …

… including more than 60 percent of the Fortune 500 rely on ManageEngine products to ensure the optimal performance of their critical IT infrastructure.

2. One million+ users:

In total, over 300,000-plus admins optimise their IT using the FREE editions of ManageEngine products, such as its ServiceDesk Plus product.

3. 20+ products:

Key features of ManageEngine’s 20+ portfolio of IT management applications are based around ease of use, with over 2,000+ installations every day.

4. 200+ channel and technology partners:

With a wealth of partners across the world, ManageEngine has counted Soft Solutions as its exclusive distributor in New Zealand since 2008.

An expert reseller in the areas of security, network management, storage, and VoIP, Soft Solutions acts as Kiwi face of ManageEngine, supplying products nationwide.

5. New Zealand plans:

“Having men on the ground through Soft Solutions is our strategy,” Ganesan adds. “Soft Solutions face our customers and represent us in New Zealand.

“They are an incredibly knowledgeable partner. And it is in no small part due to Soft Solutions dedication to ManageEngine, that its Kiwi footprint is growing by the day.”

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