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Melbourne IT signs three year HCL deal

03 May 2010

Melbourne IT has signed a three year deal with HCL Technologies to implement its global Integrated Web Services IT integration project.

The project is said to be worth over $18 million and is expected to take three years to complete.

"Melbourne IT is pleased to have secured the services of HCL Technologies for this key project,” said Melbourne IT Chief Operating Officer, Damian Walsh. “The IWS project is a mission critical part of accelerating the future growth of our organisation and we are confident that bringing HCL’s experience and expertise on board will help ensure the complete success of the project.”

As part of the project, both firms say they will work closely with Oracle to implement a unified financial management system to improve billing processes across the company.

Virender Aggarwal, Executive Vice President for APAC & MEA, HCL Technologies, added, “With over 1,000 professionals servicing our operations across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, HCL is well geared to service our customers in the region. Melbourne IT has a culture of customer centricity, innovation and continuous improvement and by drawing on HCL’s global integration experience and local capabilities, this program will enable them to have the flexibility to create streamlined operations, resulting in enhanced experience for their customers and increased value to their bottom line.”