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Microsoft selects Solidatus for data lineage in new Purview platform
Thu, 4th Apr 2024

Microsoft, the global tech giant, has selected Solidatus as its preferred data lineage integrator. This strategic decision empowers users of the upcoming, reimagined data governance platform Microsoft Purview to significantly enhance their data governance processes. The new software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform is due for preview on 8 April 2024.

This SaaS offering from Microsoft integrates seamlessly across data sources and provides intuitive, business-friendly interactions. The platform leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to empower its users for improved operational efficiency and to furnish actionable insights. Microsoft aims to extend the value of Microsoft Purview to its customers with pre-built integrations with a selective assortment of technologies.

With Solidatus, the world's pre-eminent data lineage solution being utilised by some of the largest and most complex organisations, the selection of this technology partner will contribute greatly to Microsoft Purview's users. Data lineage is vital to modern data governance, and its absence can result in data silos, information discrepancies, and limited visibility of data movement within an organisation.

This partnership will see Microsoft Purview's global customer base leverage Solidatus' top-tier data lineage capabilities. They will have access to Solidatus' exceptional abilities in fine-grain lineage, data visualisation, and version control. As a result, this will enhance their data governance procedures and contribute to building stronger and more resilient businesses.

This key strategic move is announced at an opportune time as the rise of generative AI opens new doors for individuals, businesses, and industries alike. However, these opportunities come with notable challenges, such as increasing cyber threats, heavy regulations, expanding data estates, and the strong demand for actionable data insights.

Philip Dutton, CEO of Solidatus, emphasised that their advanced data lineage technology allows users to create a comprehensive representation of their enterprise data, supporting AI applications, digital transformation initiatives, and regulatory compliance efforts. By integrating Solidatus with Microsoft Purview, customers will gain a cohesive view of their governance processes, enabling them to effectively address their key data-related issues and make informed decisions.

Philip Dutton said, "Whether applying AI, driving digital transformation, or ensuring regulatory compliance, our best-in-class data lineage enables users to build a living twin of their enterprise metadata, laying the foundation for informed decision-making. Purview customers will gain a unified and actionable view of their governance workflows, empowering them to tackle their most pressing data challenges."

Microsoft's selection of Solidatus as its preferred data lineage integrator for the forthcoming Microsoft Purview platform signals a significant step forward in enhancing data governance processes. The strategic partnership underscores Microsoft's commitment to providing comprehensive solutions that address the evolving challenges of data management in today's digital landscape.