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Mobile Mentor partnership offers enterprises location-based security solution

By Shannon Williams, Tue 10 Feb 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Auckland-based enterprise mobility specialist Mobile Mentor has today announced the signing of a partnership agreement with AirPatrol, who specialises in mobile device detection and location-based security solutions.   The agreement allows Mobile Mentor to offer a location-based mobile and cybersecurity solution to organisations which require the capability to detect, monitor and secure devices in sensitive locations.  

These include but are not limited to public and private sector organisations within the defence, police, forensic and medical industries where the use of mobile devices needs to be restricted.    AirPatrol combines wireless infrastructure tools with endpoint software to enable end-to-end network management capabilities.  Its flagship solution, ZoneDefense, provides clients with the ability to detect mobile devices as well as monitor and enforce policy on both WiFi and mobile networks in real-time.  

“This enables clients to automatically restrict specific features such as the camera when a managed device enters a sensitive location such as an operating theatre in a hospital or a government office with classified information,” the company says.   “AirPatrol has built a compelling solution that has been successfully deployed in the defence and government sectors around the world,” says  Denis O’Shea, CEO, Mobile Mentor. 

“Their technology has been integrated with our other enterprise mobility management solution partners, including MobileIron (for device management) and Telesign (for mobile identity management),” O’Shea says. 

“This integration provides Mobile Mentor with opportunities to provide fully integrated mobile security solutions that combine multi-factor authentication, device management and location aware policy enforcement.”   “We are very excited about deploying this combined solution to strengthen the security perimeter for clients in Australia and New Zealand,” adds O’Shea.

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