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Motorola Solutions Penang celebrates 45 years of innovation

18 Jun 2019

Motorola Solutions is celebrating 45 years of innovation in Malaysia, recognising the country’s highly skilled engineering talent and capability to deliver advanced technologies for customers all over the world.

Motorola Solutions first established supply chain operations in Penang, Malaysia in 1974 and now develops technologies from across its technology ecosystem at the facility.

In 2014 the company opened its ‘Innoplex’ research and development (R&D) centre in Penang, its largest R&D centre outside of North America.

Equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories, product design and development capabilities, the centre develops next-generation Land Mobile Radio (LMR), broadband-LTE devices and system solutions for Motorola Solutions customers worldwide.

Leading-edge solutions and services designed and developed in Penang have been deployed by public safety agencies across the world.

This includes the trusted APX 8000HXE HazLoc radio used by fire and rescue teams working in the presence of chemicals and gases and the WAVE TLK100 Two-Way Radio that enables coverage on nationwide cellular networks with the ease of two-way radio communication and functionality.

The Innoplex continues to deliver a variety of innovative services including 24/7 network monitoring, management and guaranteed reliability for Motorola Solutions mission-critical customers.

Malaysia prominent within expanding Asia Pacific talent base

Motorola Solutions’ thriving operations in Malaysia have enabled it to expand its Penang workforce from 10 software engineers to a team of more than 1,700 today.

These highly-skilled roles include industrial design, software, electrical, electronics and mechanical engineering.

Penang’s expert teams conduct rigorous compliance testing to meet and exceed product standards all over the world while continuing the development of new solutions in partnership with customers.

Motorola Solutions’ rapidly growing software engineering workforce in Asia Pacific is now approaching 2,000.

This includes 160 video analytics and AI specialists in Vietnam added through the recent acquisition of VaaS and 60 mobile applications developers with Gridstone in Australia.

“Motorola Solutions continues to evolve its mission-critical ecosystem of technologies across voice, video security, software and managed services. Our highly skilled teams in Malaysia play a significant role in developing these technologies and accelerating their adoption all over the world,” said Motorola Solutions Penang deputy managing director John Andersen.

“We are proud to have extended our journey to 45 years and look forward to continuing to take Malaysian innovation to the world,” he said.

Through its charitable arm, the Motorola Solutions Foundation, the company has supported many projects to advance education within Malaysia’s STEM-related fields. This includes the Penang Science Cluster which educates more than 3,000 students and 300 teachers from 75 schools on the design thinking process, coding and electronics.

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