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MyRepublic unveils 'choose the speed you need' mobile plans
Tue, 2nd Aug 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Broadband provider MyRepublic has announced the details of its new 'choose the speed you need' mobile plans, designed for New Zealanders.

New Zealanders can choose from three innovative mobile plans based on speed; Rocket Lite, Rocket and Rocket Max, all featuring unlimited data delivered at a pre-set maximum speed. This is much like the broadband market, where unlimited data is the norm - and a key difference is, the price is based on the speed customers need.

Rocket Lite

$60-per-month and perfect for SD streaming, basic browsing and checking social media at 5Mbps. This plan is designed for data users who just want data to keep going at all times and are less fussed about having the best screen resolution possible or worrying about lag for gaming.


$75-per-month and is designed for HD streaming and serious scrollers and swipers, with 10Mbps. This meets the needs of the majority of New Zealand smartphone users, who will be able to watch streaming services like Netflix in HD quality as well as playing most popular mobile games.

Rocket Max

$100-per-month and top tier quality for Quad HD streaming, crystal clear video calling and gaming at 20Mbps. This plan is a must for the hardcore gamers, streamers and music aficionados - for example to experience the best lossless audio quality on streaming providers like Tidal, or highest quality HD streaming on Netflix.

For a limited time, customers signing up to MyRepublic Mobile will be offered a $20 monthly discount on all plans for their first three months. Plus there is an additional $5 ongoing discount per month for each mobile plan added with an active broadband account.

MyRepublic joins the Kiwi mobile market using Vodafone's Smart Network, which means it launches with over 98% population coverage. MyRepublic enters a New Zealand mobile market which is dominated by three Mobile Network Operators, which combined have a 98% market share.

We saw serious flaws in the mobile market, with kiwis stock-piling their data, being needlessly throttled or anxiously waiting for the 28-day turnaround for their plan to come back to life," says Matt Lindsay, MyRepublic, NZ country manager.

"Data is a necessity of everyday life, we shouldn't have to treat it as a luxury and New Zealanders are lacking choice, MyRepublic is changing that," he says.

"We have developed plans that meet the needs of the vast majority of smartphone users in New Zealand today, bringing some much needed competition and innovation to the market. Our plans are designed to be simple and easy to use.

"When people understand they'll never have to worry again about how much data they are using, they'll switch. With MyRepublic Rocket plans you get a great network, no surprises and you don't have to worry about extra charges based on how much data you are using."

All three MyRepublic mobile plans are month-on-month, have unlimited talk and text for New Zealand and Australia, and are open term with no contracts, plus customers have the ability to use their truly unlimited data when roaming in 106 destinations for just $8 a day.

"One thing that often stops people from changing mobile providers is the hassle of changing numbers," adds Lindsay.

"No need to worry, you can keep the number you have always had. It is simple and easy to bring it over to MyRepublic."
Customers can buy the MyRepublic mobile plans online via its website, or by phone.