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NetApp: "Our growth is undeniable"

05 Mar 2010

Data management firm has said its SAN business has doubled in two years and lists companies such as Brocade, Cisco, Microsoft, and VMware on its CV.

NetApp has said that the growth can be attributed to providing customers with an “impressive list of technologies”, including thin provisioning, deduplication on primary storage, and RAID-DP. According to IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Disk Storage Systems Tracker, Q3 2009, NetApp grew faster than the FC SAN market year over year.

Compared to 2008, NetApp has reported that it gained one point of revenue market share, resulting in a revenue share of 6.2% in the first three quarters of 2009. “NetApp grew two and a half times the rate of the market year over year and held 9.5% capacity share in the FC SAN market in Q1 through Q3 2009.”

Joel Reich, VP and general manager of the SAN/iSAN Business Unit at NetApp, said, “Our growth in the SAN space is undeniable, and underscores our commitment to providing customers with robust technologies and easy-to-manage environments. By offering our customers a full range of solutions that address their high-performance and storage efficiency needs, we will continue to drive this tremendous growth across our SAN business.”

In December The Channel reported that NetApp and Microsoft announced a deal that would see them working together on virtualisation, cloud computing and storage management for the next three years.