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New partnership helps PowerbyProxi develop wireless power systems

08 Oct 2013

Auckland-based PowerbyProxi and Linear Technology have today announced a partnership to develop wireless power systems for use in a range of applications and environments.

As a first result of the partnership, Linear Technology has introduced the LTC4120 integrated circuit that combines a wireless power receiver with a full-featured battery charger.

Designed to implement the receiver side of a complete wireless power transfer system, the LTC4120 is a first for the company - billed as a "revolutionary product for wireless battery charging."

“We have long admired Linear Technology’s leadership in the development of advanced power management ICs for broad performance-driven applications,” says Greg Cross, CEO, PowerbyProxi.

“Linear’s LTC4120 receiver IC, coupled with advanced PowerbyProxi transmit solutions, will satisfy the most difficult application environments."

The chip implements PowerbyProxi’s patented Dynamic Harmonization Control (DHC) technology, which allows for load management across the power transfer interface to increase transmission range, reduce sensitivity to misalignment and to overcome the thermal issues that typically plague wireless receiver designs.

The LTC4120 works with a range of transmitter solutions, including those manufactured by PowerbyProxi.

LTC4120-based wireless power systems are targeted at demanding industrial and military applications, including handheld medical devices, portable diagnostic equipment, lighting and signaling equipment and any applications where a fully-sealed unit is required for waterproof, sanitary or no-spark operation.

“We chose to partner with PowerbyProxi due to their proven track record in creating wireless power solutions for the most challenging environments,” says Lothar Meier, CEO, Linear Technology Corporation.

“Their wireless power transmission IP is an enabling technology and an important addition to our existing power management portfolio.

"By allowing the transfer of power through air gaps or even solid objects, PowerbyProxi has significantly extended our capabilities.”

A member of the S&P 500, Linear Technology has been designing, manufacturing and marketing a broad line of high performance analog integrated circuits for major companies worldwide for over three decades.