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New ransomware recovery solutions launched for public sector file storage on AWS

Cloud file storage company Nasuni has announced it is working with AWS to address the growing problem of ransomware in the public sector with three new offerings designed to deliver extremely fast ransomware file recovery, as well as built-in backup and disaster recovery, at a reduced price.

The new bundles are available for a limited time as Ransomware "First Aid Kits" for Public Sector Files in AWS.

"Ransomware is an enormous, rapidly growing threat, and state and local governments, as well as education organizations are a frequent target," says Sandy Carter, vice president of worldwide public sector partners and programs for AWS.

"With Nasuni and AWS, the public sector can recover files within minutes, should they experience a ransomware attack. It's like a first aid kit that also cures the problem."

The public sector has all the same technical challenges of the private sector with the added burden of being a popular target for ransomware. Many of these institutions are also not protected against an outage from a natural event or hardware failure. The Nasuni file storage solution on AWS enables customers to recover files extremely fast following a ransomware attack, with organisations able to restore millions of files in a matter of minutes. This is achieved with Nasuni Continuous File Versioning technology, which takes frequent snapshots of each and every file change and stores them in immutable AWS object storage, which makes restoring files as simple as dialing back to the point just before the attack happened.

"Nasuni was a true lifesaver when we got hit by a ransomware attack," says Stephen Held, vice president and chief information officer at LEO A DALY.

"Once we contained the attack, we were able to restore files quickly. Our operations hardly missed a beat."

Nasuni AWS solutions include:

  • Rapid ransomware recovery
  • Primary file storage
  • Fast, multi-site file access and sharing
  • Backup with fast recovery, and disaster recovery built in
  • Simple, centralised management of file storage across unlimited locations
  • "It's difficult to overstate the threat of ransomware to cities, schools and local governments," says David Grant, chief commercial officer for Nasuni. 

"With Nasuni and AWS, a ransomware attack does not have to be a catastrophe that brings the organisation to its knees, but an annoyance that is resolved in minutes once the breach and scope have been identified. And with this limited time offer bundle, Nasuni and AWS are even easier to fit into existing SLED budgets."

Government agencies that have chosen Nasuni have also seen a dramatic reduction of the storage footprint and savings of up to 50% on the total cost of storage compared to a traditional on-premises file system.

The Nasuni Ransomware First Aid Kits for Public Sector can be procured in AWS Marketplace, while also leveraging AWS Consulting Partners like CDW-G, SHI Government, Presidio and AHEAD.

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