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New strategic alliance for Mindfull and WhereScape

By Shannon Williams, Mon 23 Mar 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

The potential for better business performance by connecting business intelligence, data warehousing and analytics has encouraged two technology companies to form a new strategic alliance for the New Zealand market.

Business intelligence company Mindfull has teamed up with data warehousing and data specialist firm WhereScape to provide integrated and automated solutions to big data collection, management and analysis.

Mindfull director Richard Johnson says Mindfull and WhereScape offered complementary expertise which, when combined, would provide businesses with a powerful toolkit to boost performance.

“Our expertise in business intelligence partnered with WhereScape’s expertise in data warehouse automation makes for a compelling proposition and fills a large gap in big data services,” Johnson says.

“Most modern, enterprise-level businesses understand how big data can have an impact on performance. But all too often they’ve struggled to make the data work for them, usually because they’ve found the whole process time-consuming, costly and technically difficult,” he says.

“Our alliance with WhereScape allows us to offer our customers an integrated and automated solution where data can be gathered, interpreted and presented in a way that allows businesses to gain the insights they need to improve performance.”

David Morris, WhereScape vice president Asia Pacific, says the alliance with Mindfull, WhereScape’s only ‘platinum partner’ in New Zealand, was a giant step forward in the big data revolution in the region.

It would bring new ammunition to the data wars, with smart companies using data as their secret weapon. Increasingly, companies are being asked to do much, much more with much less, but do it far more quickly, he says.

“Rallying armies of data to inform business manoeuvres not only reduces risk but can provide a strategic advantage if you have more information than your opponents.”

Morris points out the pitfalls obstructing data hungry companies in making fast decisions; large teams, projects that take too long and deliver little, budget cuts and decreased resources and time spent maintaining what is already built.

“There were common themes from discussions we’ve had with executives – they were juggling too many projects with tight timeframes,” Morris says. “So together with Mindfull we set out to do something about it.”

He says, “The result is a partnership that combines business intelligence analytics with data warehouse automation to gain efficiencies and effectiveness. For example, WhereScape’s automated solutions eliminate time-consuming, repetitive tasks such as coding.”

“Together we are able to get solutions up and running – and deliver results – in days and weeks rather than months and years, as well as providing businesses with an ability to respond rapidly to changing needs and conditions,” says Morris. “The secret to success is to learn how to do more with less.”

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