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New Telecom Ultra Fibre plan signals decline of the landline

08 Jul 2014

Kickstarted by a growing demand for Ultra Fibre, Telecom, soon to be Spark, has revealed the launch of Naked Ultra Fibre - signalling the decline of the landline.

According to the telco giant, the Naked Ultra Fibre plans allow customers to choose faster fibre speeds without paying for a home phone package.

General Manager Home, Mobile and Business, Jason Paris, says that while the majority of Telecom’s customers still liked the ease and convenience of having a home phone, a growing proportion now rarely if ever used their landlines – instead relying on their mobiles and applications like Skype to keep in touch with friends and family.

“The popularity of our naked broadband product has been growing steadily amongst customers since we launched it late last year – so offering a superfast version is the logical next step,” he says.

“The landline continues to be popular of course, but a growing group of our customers tell us that the only calls they receive on their home phone are from people who are either trying to sell them something or asking about their political views.

“These customers are quite happy to stop chatting to telemarketers and political pollsters if it means they can save a few dollars each month.”

Paris says the business had seen a growing momentum in fibre sales over the past few months, with the best week of sales ever in the past week.

“Ultra Fibre customers tell us that once they’ve experienced life online with fibre, they could never go back to their old broadband plan – it is that much better,” he adds.

“This is particularly the case when it comes to data hungry applications like gaming or video.”