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New VadaXchange call-centre system helps Greenfingers reach its 50,000 customers

29 Apr 2014

Greenfingers needed a robust call-centre solution that enabled its staff around the country to provide a great customer service experience

Since starting out in the late 1980s, Greenfingers has become one of New Zealand’s leading garden waste recyclers, providing garden waste collection services to more than 50,000 New Zealand customers in Auckland, Waikato, Hamilton and Tauranga.

The company employs more than 100 staff, and has a call-centre team of more than 30 customer service people operating from locations around the country.

With such a large number of customers and operating in a competitive market, it’s critical that Greenfingers provides highly responsive customer service.

Greenfingers identified a reliable, and cost-effective customer call-centre as essential to ensuring its staff could deliver fast, responsive service to customers

“Customer retention is key for us,” says Mike Jones, Greenfingers’ CEO, “and providing great customer service from our call-centre is a really important part of that.

"We get a huge volume of inbound calls and we have to ensure we can respond promptly.

“So we set out to find a phone system that would enable us to manage our call-centre efficiently and allow our staff around the country to operate seamlessly together.

"It needed to be easy to use, and flexible so we can add people and locations seamlessly as we grow,” Jones says.

Greenfingers looked at various options before selecting Vadacom’s VadaXchange VOIP PBX platform.

“VadaXchange gave us a cost-effective phone system, combined with a robust and reliable call-centre solution that allowed all of our customer services team members to work together as one even though they’re spread around the country,” says Jones.

“It was attractive because it was a completely turn-key solution, and being VOIP-based it helped us reduce our telco line rental and call costs.”

Igor Portugal, CEO of Vadacom, says one of the key benefits of the VadaXchange VOIP-based PBX for call-centre operators is the flexibility it offers.

“Because it’s VOIP-based, it doesn’t matter where your staff members are based," he says. "As long as they have a reliable internet connection, they can be connected seamlessly into the call-centre.

"This means call-centre staff can be working in remote offices, or even from home, and everything operates as though there’s a single team in a single location."

Once the decision was made to go ahead, Vadacom was also incredibly responsive, Jones says.

“We gave the go-ahead on the project on December 21st, and said we needed the new system in by Christmas Eve," he adds.

"Sure enough, it was in and functioning right on schedule – I think we only had about 15 minutes downtime during the switchover.”

Having used the VadaXchange PBX for over a year now, Jones is a fan.

“It’s simple to use, and has made it easy to manage the call-centre, monitor call-times and queues, and enable our customer service staff to manage the large volume of calls we receive efficiently," he adds.

"Our customers are happier and our call queues are shorter. And staff can manage preferences and calls easily from the Buddy web client. All in all it was a great decision.”

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