21 Dec 2012
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No rest for Kiwi workers over xmas

New Zealanders will worker more than three hours a day over Christmas according to recent findings.

Global office company Regus says Kiwi professionals are expecting a 'workation' during the period, a new term used for workers who fail to relax properly during off-time.

Over 40% of Kiwi workaholics are expected to take on too much work over the holiday season, keeping in touch with the office through smartphones and tablets on a daily basis.

"Technology today means that workers are increasingly finding it harder to escape from work and switch off," says John Henderson, director, Regus Asia Pacific, to the New Zealand Herald.

"It's important that employees take a proper break and spend time with their loved ones."

"With more and more companies seeing the results of stressed workers leading to high anxiety, it's so important that managers give their staff a proper vacation.

"That way everyone can come back after the break and start the New Year afresh."

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