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Nokia NZ apologises for "F*** you" Kiwi tweet

28 Nov 2013

Nokia New Zealand has been forced into an embarrassing apology, after a 'F*** You' tweet was posted from its Kiwi Twitter account.

The offensive remark stayed on the mobile giant's main page for 13 minutes before the company removed it, coupled with an apology to its 970 followers.

"Hi everyone, contrary to the last tweet, we love our Nokia NZ fans! Apologies to those who were offended- we're investigating the source now."

In a desperate bid to defuse the situation, Telecom New Zealand waded in, tweeting:

"Hey, @NokiaNZ. We know you're great buggers, and accidents happen. (Tip: Keep a swear jar nearby. We do!)"

But thankfully for Nokia, such is the relaxed nature of Kiwis, that nobody appeared offended, with @RupertTheBeer tweeting: "Best Tweet Ever."

Taking it lightheartedly also, @GrumpyYetAmusin replied: "@NokiaNZ I thought it was amusing, but I am very immature. And British. @Dovil"