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NZ online ad growth beats predictions

24 Aug 2010

The growth of New Zealand’s online advertising market is said to continue “unabated” with figures for the April-June quarter totalling $62.58m, up $7.26m on the Q1.

Michael Gregg, Interactive Advertising Bureau of New Zealand Chairman, believes the online sector has transitioned from an emergent advertising choice to a mandatory mainstream medium.

“With $62.58m of advertising spend entrusted with publishers and search companies in the April-June quarter, the industry has reached new maturity and is collectively focused on delivering strong traffic results, powerful branding opportunities and consistent measurement practices,” he sayd.

The surprise of the piece seems to be that, for the first time ever, Display overtook Classifieds as a result of a 25% year-on-year increase.

The April-June 2010 quarter saw the highest increase in the last six months.

Liz Fraser, IABNZ Vice-Chairman, says the results exceeded predictions. “You cannot complain about growth, particularly when other media have struggled. But, frankly, for digital, anything under double digits would have been disappointing, when you consider the upswing in business confidence this year – never mind the spending flurries that often precede June end-of-year close off. So there is a lot stacked in our favour.”

The star performer was Display, which increased 38.11% from Q1 this year and 25.84% from Q2, 2009. The result deviates from international trends, where paid search advertising, social media and mobile are the catalysts of growth.

"It is great to see online ad spend growth is happening worldwide. ZenithOptimedia has revised its total ad spend forecast yet again and now say online will rise 13.1% this year. So, we are certainly doing our bit to support the prediction," adds Alisa Higgins, IAB Marketing Manager.