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NZICT: Business is open in Christchurch

Fri 25 Mar 2011
FYI, this story is more than a year old

NZICT has said that Christchurch-based technology firms have shown no shortage of offering technical support, innovation and quick response times for customers. "It is important to note that business is open in Christchurch, especially when it comes to technology companies,” says NZICT CEO Brett O’Riley. "It is also important that the industry acts responsibly towards Christchurch. Now is not the time to try and tempt skilled workers out of the city, rather, now is the time to keep talented people there so that they can help with the rebuild.” O’Riley says he’s seen a great response to the call for computer hardware, instigated by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise. "We have had hundreds of personal computers, printers, routers and peripherals contributed, including the essential mobile phone chargers. Offers have come from companies both with the ICT sector and external, and also from companies based internationally.”

It's said that around 5000 small firms will need to relocate in the wake of the quake and a third of those will need a lot of assistance to get back to business. You can find out more about ICT companies’ recovery efforts in Christchurch here

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