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Okta updates Workflows as standalone offering to accelerate innovation
Thu, 2nd Dec 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Okta has announced the availability of Okta Workflows as a standalone offering for all customers.

Okta Workflows now addresses a broadened set of identity automation use cases beyond Lifecycle Management capabilities, including advanced security orchestration and DevOps.

New pre-built Connectors and pre-configured templates, in addition to a new no-cost option for up to five flows, enable customers to realise the benefits of Okta Workflows more quickly across workforce and customer identity use cases. 
Okta Workflows: The automation behind great customer and employee experiences

Okta Workflows automates complex identity-centric business processes for many of the world's leading brands. Customers can now harness the power of identity to solve security, productivity, and user experience challenges and choose from varied development styles from low-code to no-code.

Notably, Sonos, Slack, Intercom, and Moody's all achieved greater scalability, accelerated time to value, increased operational efficiency, and elevated customer-facing experiences using Okta Workflows.

"Okta Workflows has grown tremendously in its adoption and has been embraced by customers as an integral way to solve complex data, privacy, security, and customer experience challenges," says Okta chief product officer, Diya Jolly.

"Everyone is dealing with more applications and touchpoints across networks and systems - and identity must be agile and adaptable.

"The new availability and accessibility of Okta Workflows enable anyone to build identity use cases spanning all digital touchpoints, faster than ever before. In addition, important new connectors and templates further help our customers benefit from the depth and power of the Okta Integration Network."

Pre-built connectors for Jamf and Microsoft Teams; New pre-configured templates

Okta Workflows is underpinned by the Okta Integration Network, consisting of more than 7,000 integrations to the most in-demand cloud and on-premises applications and tools on the market. New pre-built Connectors for Okta Workflows to Jamf and Microsoft Teams enable customers to integrate top productivity and device ops tooling. In addition, templates for Okta Workflows can be downloaded and used as-is or modified for their organisation's unique needs to make integration even more plug and play.

New templates available to customers include:

  • Suspicious Activity Alerts: Okta enables end-users to report any activity they don't recognise as 'suspicious activity' to their organisation administrators. Investigating the suspicious activity reported in a timely manner is critical for preventing and deterring fraud. The new template provides an example for automatically creating an incident in a tool such as PagerDuty when suspicious activity is reported.
  • Conditional Access after Document Signatures: Many organisations use apps like DocuSign to control agreements – such as Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), Lease Contracts, and Terms of Service (TOS) – that dictate which resources users can access. This template leverages DocuSign webhooks to capture when a user signs a document, which can then, in turn, determine which systems a user can access.
  • Personalised, Omni-Channel Experiences with Progressive Profiling: Marketers can use Okta Workflows in combination with Okta Progressive Profiling and OneTrust Preference Management features to deliver personalised omnichannel customer experiences. The easily extensible Workflows template synchronises Okta Universal Directory user profile attributes to OneTrust Preference Center as data subject transactions of customer preferences and topics.