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Oracle New Zealand posts remarkable turnaround in 2023 financial results
Tue, 2nd Jan 2024

Oracle New Zealand has reported a significant financial turnaround in its latest annual results for the fiscal year ending May 31, 2023. Despite facing a slight decline in revenue, the tech giant has successfully managed to swing from a notable loss in 2022 to a substantial profit in 2023.

According to the Statement of Comprehensive Income, Oracle New Zealand's revenue dipped from NZ$174.07 million in 2022 to NZ$171.61 million in 2023. However, this contraction in revenue did not hinder the company’s profitability. In a striking development, the firm posted a profit before income tax of NZ$4.6 million, a stark contrast to the mere NZ$879,400 the previous year. The net result was a notable net profit of NZ$7.64 million for 2023, rebounding from a loss of NZ$7.5 million in 2022.

A significant factor in this year's profit was an income tax benefit of NZ$3.04 million, as opposed to an income tax expense of NZ$8.38 million, which weighed down the 2022 figures. This swing in tax treatment suggests that Oracle may have leveraged carry-forward losses to offset its taxable income or benefited from specific tax incentives.

The Statement of Financial Position further reveals a decrease in total assets, particularly in non-current assets, indicating a strategic shift in the company's asset management. Despite this reduction, Oracle New Zealand demonstrated a solid financial footing, with total liabilities also seeing a decrease. Net assets have experienced an uplift, resulting in a stronger balance sheet with an increase in equity from NZ$37.02 million to NZ$46.81 million.

These financial results show a year of transformation for Oracle New Zealand, as the company appears to have streamlined its operations and improved its financial resilience.