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Outsource everything….at your peril: Part 3

Outsourcing is a bit of a yo-yo for a lot of companies: depending who is in charge, none, some, or all requirements are considered at one time or another for placement with service providers.

And the levels of outsourcing vary over time, depending on variables as broad as the state of the economy or as narrow as personal preference.

Donovan Jackson attempts to determine where to draw the line is, therefore, answering a ‘how long is a piece of string’ question…

Where innovation lives

No discussion of outsourcing in the modern world would be complete without (yet another) look at cloud computing. This is arguably the pinnacle of innovation for outsourcing today, says Gerhard Nagele, Business Manager IAAS & Security at Gen-i.

“Cloud is one of the most powerful influencers on the outsourcing game today," he says.

"Whether businesses are moving into the cloud for their IT sourcing is no longer a measure of when, but rather if."

While noting that cloud service delivery has matured for providers globally, he says it is probably more important that customers have matured.

“A few years ago, customers didn’t even know what it was, if it could be trusted or if it actually worked," Nagele continues.

"That’s all changed now."

Cloud computing is the very definition of innovative outsourcing, he stresses. Even banks, those most historically risk-averse especially where security of data is concerned, are using cloud services to run certain aspects of their businesses.

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