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OVHcloud strides forward on mission to democratise AI
Wed, 24th Jan 2024

OVHcloud, a European Cloud provider, is steaming ahead with its mission to democratise artificial intelligence (AI) that is both simple and affordable. This move is in response to the burgeoning demand from their customers against a backdrop where generative AI continues to make a significant impact globally.

The French cloud computing company's new direction involves a quadripartite strategy of offering powerful computing resources and streamlined datasets, utilising tooling and software, and promoting cutting-edge skill sets. Successfully executing these four key areas could help businesses take on AI more effortlessly and efficiently.

In a statement, Michel Paulin, CEO of OVHcloud, said, "These new OVHcloud offers bring all that organisations need to succeed in their transformations through the benefits of our open and trusted Cloud, our unmatched performance-price ratio and highly sought-after reversibility. With innovation rooted in OVHcloud's core values, this is only the beginning of our AI journey".

As part of the innovative tools, OVHcloud introduces high RAM allocation with 1x to 4x NVIDIA H100 PCIe GPU, high-performance local storage and a broad range of data centre GPUs. For customers needing GPU horsepower for scenarios such as Machine Learning or the deployment of LLM models, the NVIDIA L40S-equipped Bare Metal HGR-AI-2 servers offer a compelling solution. In addition, new Bare Metal SCALE GPU servers will be introduced later this year, addressing needs such as 3D Rendering and video processing, all powered by NVIDIA L4 Datacenter GPU.

Securing the data front, OVHcloud Data Platform plays a pivotal role by maximising data privacy. The new end-to-end data platform offers a low-code solution for managing the data pipeline and analytics. Also, it ensures data security against breaches and unauthorised access. The key functions of the platform encompass data collection, storage, management, analytics, and visualisation, with a specific objective to enhance CRM or streamline inventory management.

The tools to support organisations' ease in the journey from data ideation to production, like AI Notebooks, AI Training and AI Deploy, have been developed by OVHcloud. The main aim of these high-level solutions, in conjunction with the high-specification OVHcloud AI Infrastructure, is to bolster data scientists and machine learning engineers in an accessible and quick manner.

In the latter part of this year, the company also plans to introduce AI Endpoints, a new serverless solution that requires minimal knowledge on the users' side. It will provide developers access to varied AI models and allow testing before placing API calls. Moreover, OVHcloud is launching AI App Builder, an easy-to-use tool to build generative AI assistants, currently available as an Alpha version.

To foster the development of high-level AI skills, OVHcloud is partnering up with various integrators and providing webinars for diverse stakeholders. They will also attend France's World AI Cannes Festival from 8th to 10th February.

In conclusion, Michel Paulin noted, "Our mission at OVHcloud is to make IA accessible and easy to use for businesses, especially given its complexity and challenges. We are proud to announce a complete range of solutions to help organisations fully unleash the benefits and opportunities offered by AI".