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PagerDuty announces new automation, remote working updates

Thu, 28th May 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

PagerDuty has today announced new automation and intelligence capabilities in three of its solutions, designed to equip teams with proactive response capabilities and the ability to automate repetitive work and improve collaboration.

PagerDuty's Dynamic Service Directory, Business Response and Intelligent Triage solutions now have expanded capabilities to help teams reduce manual work, gain predictive insights and prevent outages.

“The impact of the pandemic has required companies to pivot overnight, reducing labour and IT costs while still serving their customers' growing digital needs, and working entirely remotely,” says PagerDuty senior vice president of product Jonathan Rende.

“In this type of environment, traditional manual workflows fail. Our platform was built in the cloud for real-time, critical work.

“With these new enhancements, it is even better equipped to help companies efficiently accelerate their digital transformation.”

Here are some of the key features introduced in the solutions.

Intelligent Triage

The general release of Intelligent Triage, now available on mobile provides new automation and intelligence capabilities, designed to eliminate repetitive manual tasks.

It does this by aggregating signals from more than 375 of the most popular monitoring, observability and ticketing tools.

Users can group related alerts and escalate those that will impact the business, while applying contextual data from past incidents so that IT teams can reduce resolution time from an average of 80 minutes to as little as five.

Dynamic Service Directory

This solution gives developer teams access to an up-to-date central knowledge base and shows owners and experts for each service and their associated run books.

Network operations teams can address issues faster by orchestrating small, effective groups of experts who know exactly how to resolve any given incident.

The solution eliminates the slowdowns associated with manual command and control workflows, which typically result in a lot of people spinning cycles in reactive mode.

“Democratising service information supports a more collaborative and fun engineering culture as well as faster product development for our customers,” says Merrill Corporation director of engineering Peg Mickelson.

“PagerDuty's platform provides an easy-to-use and dynamic single source of truth on the performance of our microservices and the teams who own them, which helps drive our culture and success.” 

Business Response

The Business Response solution now features a new mobile status dashboard and allows remote teams to collaborate effectively when incidents arise.

Irrespective of how many internal stakeholders an incident has, or where these people are located, Business Response gives everyone real-time visibility into incident progress.

It protects IT responder teams from being disrupted for status updates while automating and scaling effective commercial responses.

Business Response integrates with Slack and Microsoft Teams, enabling greater flexibility for remote working and aiding in positive collaboration and communication.

The solution reduces costs, both financial and time-related, by making it possible for enterprises to effectively communicate and coordinate action across the board.

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