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PagerDuty launches enterprise Incident Management plan in the Asia-Pacific
Thu, 28th Mar 2024

Digital operations management leader, PagerDuty, has introduced its enterprise plan for Incident Management in Australia, New Zealand, and the Asia-Pacific. This enterprise-grade solution joins the forces of PagerDuty’s incident management product with Jeli’s capabilities to provide a comprehensive offering for modern digital enterprises. The plan aims to mitigate reputational risks, streamline processes for quicker resolution, and reduce costs.

PagerDuty Incident Management integrates advanced AIOps, automation, and customer service operations. The aim is to tackle the major issues faced by contemporary digital enterprises and improve their operational efficiency. The cloud-based platform is a flexible, user-friendly tool dedicated to mission-critical tasks carried out across IT, DevOps, security, and business teams. By adopting holistic incident management, the process becomes more resilient, scalable and dynamic.

Zendesk, a customer of PagerDuty, has reportedly experienced significant improvements since implementing the service. According to Erin McKeown, Senior Director of Engineering, Resilience at Zendesk, the company "has seen an 80% reduction in time spent on incident analysis, a 25% increase in retrospective attendance and engagement, and decreased burnout around incident tasks."

The modern enterprise must revolutionise its approach in managing incidents, expecting the unexpected and embedding best practices directly into processes. A shift towards scalable processes, dynamic guidance, and continuous improvement can drive accountability and facilitate progress over time. PagerDuty's unified incident management platform eliminates guesswork through built-in automation and AI to guide remediation throughout the incident lifecycle.

As Jeff Hausman, Chief Product Development Officer at PagerDuty, explained, "When engaged in a major incident, CIOs want the contributing factors identified, the incident resolved expediently and learning institutionalised, so the incident doesn’t repeat itself in the future.” The new offering promises to deliver these benefits by automating the major incident process.

The PagerDuty Operations Cloud offers solutions to several major challenges for the modern digital enterprise. These include mitigating revenue and reputational risk through guided remediation, continuous learning, and built-in accountability. Streamlined processes for faster resolutions are provided by automated workflows that seamlessly synchronise proactive communication and response orchestration throughout the incident Lifecycle. The platform offers simplification and cost reduction by coordinating responses via Slack or Microsoft Teams, conducting post-incident reviews and maintaining status pages on a unified platform.

Andi Mann, Global Chief Technology Officer and Founder at Sageable, commented on the importance of adopting a comprehensive management approach. Integrating the unique features of Jeli, the IT sector can replace point products with a full platform for end-to-end incident management. Consequently, they can transition from managing one-off incidents to driving continuous improvement, aiming for more resilient technical operations.