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Ping Identity launches updates to help accelerate multi-cloud adoption
Wed, 18th Dec 2019
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Ping Identity has released a number of updates to the Ping Intelligent Identity platform, in order to enable enterprises to advance multi-cloud adoption and accelerate digital business initiatives.

The updates include improved support for DevOps, multi-cloud automated deployment, as well as secure user authentication experiences that are designed to eliminate the use of passwords.

These new capabilities broaden Ping Identity's solution reach across enterprise digital transformation efforts with cloud options spanning public cloud, private cloud or a multi-tenant Identity-as-a-Service, the company states.

Recent platform enhancements include:

Do-It-Yourself Cloud:

Docker Images and Kubernetes Orchestrations: Solutions within the Ping Intelligent Identity platform are now available as Docker images and Kubernetes orchestrations, allowing customers to deploy multiple Ping solutions as pre-configured bundles.

The automated deployment of these solutions support DevOps workflows and multi-cloud deployment across the cloud providers that support Docker and Kubernetes, according to Ping.

These new deployment options provide quicker time-to-value for IT teams tasked with infrastructure management, and can enhance security and reliability by reducing the risk and cost of inconsistent configurations, the company states.

Hosted Private Cloud:

Dedicated Cloud Environment: As enterprises progress on their cloud transformation journeys, some are choosing to outsource IAM infrastructure management to improve efficiencies and lower costs, Ping says.

PingCloud Private Tenant provides this through configurable authentication and directory tools, combined with concierge support options in a Private Cloud solution hosted and managed by Ping Identity.

PingCloud Private Tenant provides customisable security and control in a Private Cloud, including data isolation to help ensure global organisations remain compliant and a step ahead of regulatory requirements.


Cloud Service Customisation: PingOne for Enterprise provides a multi-tenant cloud solution, and now provides additional branding and customisation options.

Expanded Global Reach: As demand for PingOne for Customers grows, Ping has responded by expanding its deployment to its data center in the Asia-Pacific region to improve performance and address regional data compliance needs, the company states.

Passwordless Authentication:

Passwordless with FIDO: Ping Identity expanded use cases for passwordless authentication with the additional support of the FIDO2 standard.

FIDO2 support within the Ping Intelligent Identity platform enables passwordless authentication with Windows Hello.

Ping Identity vice president product management Loren Russon says, “Enterprises today find themselves at various stages of digital transformation, which require flexible and agile identity solutions that satisfy cloud your way.

“At Ping, were dedicated to providing our enterprise customers the customisable cloud solutions they need to achieve their modernisation initiatives."