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Polycom strengthens APAC sales leadership

26 May 2011

Hansjoerg Wagner has been promoted to senior vice president of global field operations. Wagner has delivered consistent record performance leading Asia Pacific, Polycom’s fastest growing region. Under Wagner’s leadership, APAC has grown to 24% of Polycom revenues and produced the highest profit margins of any region in which the company operates. This promotion expands Wagner’s role to include global service sales, global sales processes, and Polycom’s global cloud initiative.

He will remain the president of the Asia Pacific region. Wagner’s expanded leadership team will include:

Gary Testa 

Joining Polycom as VP global cloud and service provider solutions group, Testa comes from a 25-year sales and marketing background with a track record of success at such companies as IBM Tivoli and Ditech. Testa will be responsible for driving global sales and business development for the full range of Polycom’s service provider partners and managed service customers, and will lead Polycom’s initiatives for cloud-based and mobility-based UC solution


Steven Li 

The existing vice president of the China market. Li has driven China revenues to a record 11% of consolidated revenues in Q1 2011 and, over the past several years, has catapulted Polycom’s position in China to overall market leader.

Michael Chetner

Chetner is promoted to vice president of Asia Pacific, not including China. Chetner, previously country manager for Australia and New Zealand, generated consistent revenue growth and record revenues and increased market share for that region.

Paul Newell 

Newell is promoted to vice president of Asia Pacific field operations. Building on Newell’s success with APAC’s unified communications strategy, he will now be responsible for driving the region’s strategic initiatives, partner relations to include UC alliances, services providers and systems integrators, and business operations.

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