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PPDS unveils affordable, advanced Philips Hospitality TV series at ISE 2024
Wed, 7th Feb 2024

PPDS, the exclusive global provider of Philips Professional Displays, has announced a brand-new line of dedicated Android-powered and Chromecast built-in TVs. The new line, unveiled at ISE 2024 in Barcelona, has been specifically designed for use within hotel rooms and healthcare environments, boosting the capacities of entry-level hospitality TVs while making them more affordable.

The innovative Philips Hospitality TV 4500 Series from PPDS was showcased on Philips stand 3P500 at ISE 2024 for the first time. This announcement marks the start of a compelling new era for entry-level hospitality TVs, which now possess a wealth of highly advanced and versatile features and yet maintain an affordable pricing structure that isn't often associated with such a level of sophistication.

The Philips Hospitality TV 4500 Series is a groundbreaking product line that integrates the Android operating system and incorporates Chromecast. Due to this compatibility, the application range of these displays becomes vastly expanded. Offering a broad array of benefits, they also serve as a great value proposition for prospective clients in the hospitality and healthcare sectors who look for dependable and versatile solutions for their respective environments.

PPDS, known for its stewardship of Philips Professional Displays, is set to revolutionise the way entertainment and information are consumed within hospitality and healthcare settings via this series. With the integration of Chromecast and Android, these TVs can provide a familiar user interface to guests and patients, thereby enhancing their experience. Furthermore, the affordable price point of these feature-packed TVs offers more establishments the opportunity to upgrade their existing systems.

Jeroen Verhaeghe, Global Business Development Director of Hospitality at PPDS, commented: "At PPDS, we are fully committed to developing and delivering high-quality and industry-leading solutions that are available for all. We introduced a new era of advanced entertainment and world-first technologies to the hospitality industry with Philips MediaSuite, creating the same experiences enjoyed at home."

"We appreciate, though, that for some establishments, not all the premium features are needed. So we have developed a new solution that brings a more affordable set, but, unlike others in the market, does not significantly compromise on the features, capabilities, or quality traditionally only found on more premium models. That's what inspired our new Philips Hospitality TV 4500 Series, a solution that truly breaks the mould for entry-level TVs when it comes to price and quality."

The debut of the Philips Hospitality TV 4500 Series occurred at ISE 2024, the leading trade exhibition for AV professionals, which took place in Barcelona. This first-time unveiling provided the trade audience with a firsthand glimpse of the future of entry-level hospitality TVs, decidedly mixing advanced features with affordability.

With this series, PPDS aims to provide an enriched experience to guests within hotel rooms and patients in healthcare environments without leaving a massive dent in the establishments' budgets.

The announcement has indeed instigated a new phase for the category, making high-tech, versatile TVs available and affordable even for smaller establishments in the hospitality and healthcare sectors. As they embark on this journey by introducing the Philips Hospitality TV 4500 Series, PPDS continues to demonstrate a commitment to transforming environments to make them more engaging and responsive. At the same time, PPDS is improving the value proposition for its clients.