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RavenDB launches managed cloud database service

03 Jul 2019

RavenDB announced that the company has launched its new RavenDB Cloud managed database service.

RavenDB Cloud supposedly performs all the daily tasks such as maintaining hardware servers, installation, configuration, monitoring internals and security for its users worldwide.

Its Cloud’s database cluster supposedly provides high availability and fault tolerance with nodes in different availability zones using an assignment failover feature.

IT supposedly includes metrics for measuring each step of indexes and aggregations to deliver cost optimization at every level. Features like pull replication enable a hybrid on premise-cloud architecture. RavenDB Cloud runs on smaller machines, enabling top-level performance provisioning less expensive hardware.

RavenDB Cloud is currently available on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure throughout all regions. The service is expected to be available on the Google Cloud Platform in the fourth quarter of this year.

“We are excited to be launching our new RavenDB Cloud service to provide a package that includes everything you need in one box to minimize complexity, maintain a high availability and deliver predictability in cost, performance and service,” said RavenDB CEO Oren Eini.

“Our objective is to completely remove all the grunt work associated with acquiring, configuring and maintaining a database so that users can focus more on their application and how it works with their data.”

RavenHQ has been providing managed services for RavenDB since 2012. It will continue offering RavenDB hosting for versions 3.5 and earlier, but RavenDB Cloud will manage clusters for versions 4.0 and up.

RavenDB aims to offer easy to use migration tools to its DBaaS from RavenHQ, SQL databases, major NoSQL databases and on-premise RavenDB solutions.

RavenDB Cloud has several tiers of clusters available. For higher-end systems, dedicated clusters are available for maximum performance.

Users can choose to run production clusters in a burstable mode, suitable for medium-sized projects and in doing so reduce database costs by up to 20%. For hobbyists and small projects, RavenDB offers a free tier.

Production support comes from the same core team that built both the RavenDB and the RavenDB Cloud solutions.

RavenDB is a global provider of database infrastructure solutions that empowers Fortune 500 companies and enterprises across the globe to process online transactions through an open source platform.

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