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Reltio launches AI solution for data unification processes
Thu, 22nd Feb 2024

Data unification and management firm, Reltio, has introduced a trailblazing AI-powered solution intended to bolster data unification processes and simplify user experiences. The company's latest product release focuses on intensifying match accuracy and elevating data steward productivity, serving a critical role in an increasingly AI-dependent landscape.

The prominent features released include the utilisation of large language models (LLMs) for entity resolution, as well as the Reltio Intelligent Assistant (RIA) integrated within the Reltio Connected Data Platform. The additional application of AI in this release marks a significant milestone in Reltio's AI-first strategy designed for data unification and management. The world-leading Reltio Connected Data Platform harnesses generative AI (gen AI) and accelerates time-to-value for fundamental entity resolution and data stewardship tasks.

A revolutionary feature of the Reltio Connected Data Platform 2024.1 release is Reltio's Flexible Entity Resolution Networks (FERN). Powered by LLM and pre-trained machine learning models, FERN automates data unification to an unprecedented level. As a result, this approach to entity resolution permits rule-free matching with high accuracy across sectors, thereby limiting exertion. FERN offers match suggestions out of the box that are highly accurate. The models no longer require training, freeing up valuable time that was previously spent establishing and altering match rules.

The Reltio Intelligent Assistant (RIA) uses gen AI and natural language technology, providing users with simpler digital content searches, including complicated scientific concepts. The feature accelerates time-to-value by placing complex technical answers within the grasp of data stewards, saving hours of manual search time and service ticket logging. Ultimately, this allows data stewards to prioritise significant issues that enhance data accuracy and improve the curation of high-quality data.

The release also includes a product data domain for the Reltio for Life Sciences velocity pack, designed to ease compliance with life sciences regulations and optimise operational excellence. The feature's addition of healthcare provider (HCP) and clinical operations domains provides greater breadth and utility for the popular velocity pack. Collaborative profile creation also features in the release, allowing data stewards to search for similar profiles, construct relationships with remaining profiles, and encourage reliable governance and high-quality data.

Venki Subramanian, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Reltio, acknowledged the significant pressure on data teams to supply high-quality data quickly for innovative initiatives. "We are proud to provide enterprises with unmatched business responsiveness through the use of AI in the Reltio Connected Data Platform," said Subramanian. "With cutting-edge innovations like FERN to solve one of the most difficult challenges in data management - entity resolution, we are excited to offer Gen AI-driven, conversational UI to help users easily get the answers they need about our platform, which further increases the speed to trusted data with higher productivity."

The new and enhanced features by Reltio are now available.