13 Nov 2013
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Report claims Vodafone SuperNet still fastest in NZ

The latest independent research from Epitiro, a global provider of network performance intelligence, has revealed that Vodafone still has on average the fastest ADSL broadband network speeds in New Zealand.

Analysing download and upload speeds and network latency amongst the country’s top four Internet Service Providers (ISPs), the Fixed Line Broadband (ADSL) Performance Report covered the services of Orcon, Slingshot, Telecom and Vodafone.

Epitiro collected data between July and September 2013 from its eleven test sites across the country.

The report found that the Vodafone network – which includes a large number of unbundled exchanges has the best average results:

· The fastest average download speed of 11.9 Mbps – 6% better than the average

· The fastest average upload speed of 0.9 Mbps, versus an ISP average of 0.85 Mbps

· The lowest average network latency (critical for real-time applications like gaming) of 134 milliseconds vs an average of 137 milliseconds

· The fastest average web page downloads at 1.86 Mbps

Vodafone Technology Director, Sandra Pickering, says the results reflect the company’s ongoing focus and investment in its network.

“Vodafone has consistently delivered the fastest ADSL speeds in the last six months, as measured by Epitiro, and this report highlights the experience that our broadband customers enjoy every day," Pickering says.

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