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RestorePoint.AI launches managed data service for midsize businesses
Thu, 29th Feb 2024

RestorePoint.AI has announced the launch of its cloud-based Secure Managed Data Service (SMDS) aimed at midsize businesses. This SMDS offering equips organisations with the capacity to seize new analytics and Generative AI (GenAI) driven technologies, as well as derive business intelligence from their data wherever it resides.

RestorePoint.AI's development is an answer to the growing demand for secure data management as a service amongst businesses without the required resources to construct and manage their own GenAI integrations and analytics. With valuable data often spread across several clouds or holed up within siloed systems, it becomes a time-consuming and costly endeavour for many organisations to extract, analyse, store, connect, process, and secure it.

RestorePoint.AI’s CEO, Dave Albano, expressed, “Today's businesses face a myriad of challenges when it comes to managing and unlocking value from vast amounts of their data which includes complex data extraction, synchronization and security functions. The RestorePoint.AI Secure Managed Data Service not only simplifies these processes but also significantly reduces operational costs and the need for hard to find technical resources."

Gartner advises, “Data and Analytics (D&A) leaders should Evaluate and test the GenAI-enabled data management capabilities and roadmaps provided by the vendors and avoid building your solution unless a use case delivering strong business value has been identified. Deploy only if the levels of accuracy, quality, security and privacy are sufficient and your data management team is confident that it can cope with the ongoing validation of being the human in the loop.”

Further enhancing its team, the company has recently added Ken Ammon, a prolific tech entrepreneur and executive from OPQ Networks (now Fortinet), Xceedium (now CA), and NetSec (acquired by MCI), to its Board of Directors. In addition, Mike Funk, the starter of the AT&T Managed Network Solutions that generated over $500 million in revenue, has been appointed as the new CFO. Lastly, Anurag Jain, former SVP of Engineering at OPQ and WebMD, now serves as the company’s new VP of Engineering.

This announcement of the Secure Managed Data Service by RestorePoint.AI fundamentally caters to businesses seeking to streamline their data management processes in a fashion that delivers exceptional security, cost-effectiveness, and reliability. It is especially beneficial for organisations that grapple with large volumes of data that necessitate secure management and regular synchronisation.

Providing more than just a modern data platform, "RestorePoint.AI's SMDS service allows customers to unearth previously hidden or inaccessible information contained in siloed data systems while ensuring enhanced security, cost-efficiency, ease of integration, and scalability," said the company in a statement. The restorePoint.AI Secure Managed Data Service is available for immediate access from RestorePoint.AI and its worldwide business partners.