04 Jun 2014
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Revera teams up with Eagle Technology to provide SPARC as a service platform

Powering IT solutions for more than 20 years, SPARC processor based hardware remains deeply embedded in many New Zealand businesses.

A new partnership between NZ Government IAAS panel member Revera and Eagle Technology will bring a raft of on demand SPARC services to government agencies.

“Here at Eagle, we are experts when it comes to SPARC infrastructure,” says Jason Barcham, Account Executive, Eagle Technology.

Standing tall as the only Oracle certified field services organisation in the country, Eagle Technology’s Oracle hardware specialists can help organisations stay at the leading edge of technology.

Alluding to the gap in the market for SPARC as a Service (SaaS), Barcham says there many New Zealand organisations which currently have a significant investment in SPARC architecture.

“Instead of agencies purchasing more hardware, there is a viable platform to move their Oracle applications that are tightly coupled to their SPARC architecture onto a ‘as a service platform’, adds Hayden Mckee, Business Development Manager, Revera.

The local cloud services provider will work with Eagle to migrate government agencies to SPARC as a Service platform, which is currently used by a number of agencies including DIA, and other agencies currently evaluating.

“We find there are reasonably sized agencies which have a strong investment in the platform technology but just require a viable platform going forward,” Mckee adds.

“Historically speaking agencies are running on five year old plus hardware meaning it’s less risky to just migrate their applications across to our data centre rather than lifting and shifting the physical boxes.”

Banishing any misconceptions regarding migration, Mckee adds that when the time comes to migrate, agencies can do so safe in the knowledge that their applications are moving from known hardware onto known hardware.

“The underlying architecture uses the latest Oracle SPARC technology that is capable of housing older versions of Solaris resulting in a lot less risk when migrating,” he adds.

In joining forces with Revera as its stack alliance partner, Barcham says Revera ticks all the boxes when it comes to performance, scalability and security.

“By migrating SPARC applications, agencies are immediately positioned at the forefront of technology,” he adds.

Coupled with the added ability to scale up and down, Hayden says such flexibility as a service allows Revera to offer month by month options for agencies, rather than binding contracts spanning years.

“Revera owns the platform and Eagle manages the platform as managed service for Revera, which provides a level of confidence for the marketplace,” Barcham adds.

Mckee and Revera, strongly believe teaming up with Eagle’s expertise within the field make them the stand out choice for agencies looking to migrate their SPARC architecture onto a ‘as a service platform’.

“Eagle is the best of breed supplier in the market when it comes to SPARC technology,” Mckee adds.

To register for a consulting exercise that will remove such costs and risks, visit www.eagle.co.nz/Solutions/Enterprise-Solutions/SPARC/

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