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RingCentral boosts UK healthcare with AI & EHR integrations
Wed, 7th Feb 2024

RingCentral, the AI-first enterprise communications platform, recently added more than 500 new healthcare clients from small, midsize, and large enterprise segments. The adoption of RingCentral's HIPAA-compliant healthcare solutions has led to an impressive 46% increase in staff productivity, a 53% increase in staff satisfaction, and a 42% increase in HCAHPS patient satisfaction in institutions such as Sun River Health.

The company intends to strengthen their healthcare communications offering, announcing the introduction of Electronic Health Record (EHR) integrations and Generative AI capabilities. These additions aim to bridge gaps in patient engagement and simplify workflows.

The new features include Automated Calling Experiences, powered by AI-enabled virtual agents which handle common inquiries or gather information before transferring patients to an agent. Data-Driven Insights for Healthcare Management is another feature that uses patient interaction analysis to offer insights into operational efficiencies and patient needs. Moreover, AI tools support appointment scheduling, reminders, and follow-ups, streamlining the process and ensuring better patient compliance.

Sun River Health, clocking 450,000 patient visits annually, adopted RingCentral's services due to its reliability and integrated unified communications and contact center solutions. According to Eric Brosius, Vice President of Technology Services at Sun River Health, when evaluated against their extensive list of criteria, RingCentral was identified as the optimal choice for an enterprise-wide communications solution.

The communication platform has been well-received by Heartland Dental too, which is among the four largest dental support organisations (DSOs) in the US. Jeremy Stroud, Vice President of Patient Services at Heartland Dental, lauded RingCentral for enhancing patient services representatives' ability to manage patient inquiries across 1,700 dental offices countrywide.

John Poli, Healthcare Industry Principal at RingCentral, mentioned that RingCentral's cloud solution suits the needs of customers of all sizes, from small clinics to the largest hospitals, for secure, reliable communications. Furthermore, he asserted that many healthcare organizations are transitioning to the cloud to support hybrid care delivery for both in-office and virtual capacities, with the goal to better serve patients and staff.

The platform, boasting various certifications including HIPAA and HITRUST, has also earned praises for its functionality and industry reputation. Darryl Flores, Director of Gonzaba Medical Group's Patient Access Center emphasised the value of RingCentral's HITRUST certification, a gold standard in the healthcare industry, as a mark of assurance that the platform meets several data-privacy regulations, including HIPAA.

The innovative company aims to modernise patient care by announcing a unified patient care solution with new integrations with Electronic Health Record providers, including Epic, Cerner, and AllScripts. RingCentral’s integrated communication with leading EHR systems intends to resolve disruptive patient engagement issues, such as cumbersome patient administration, inefficient care delivery, and inadequate patient information. This integration would offer cognitive insights that streamline the care process.

Generative AI also promises to reduce the manual note-taking and administration burden on healthcare professionals, allowing them to focus on delivering personalised patient care. Srini Raghavan, Chief Product Officer at RingCentral, emphasised the potential of this transformative approach. He envisioned the merging of powerful healthcare-specific integrations, AI capabilities, and RingCentral's offerings to create pathways towards a smarter, more connected healthcare experience.