27 Aug 2010
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Rumour: Datacraft to acquire Integral-Axon

The Channel has heard from well-placed industry sources that Datacraft is currently in talks to acquire Integral-Axon.

Rumours of Datacraft buying the then single-entity Axon first did the rounds earlier this year in February.

On May 4th it was then announced that Integral Technology Group had acquired 100% of Axon Computer Systems.

At the time Integral’s Executive Chairman, David Sutherland, said the Integral, Axon merger would create New Zealand’s largest privately-owned ICT services company.

“Both companies have achieved impressive growth thus far, but we felt the path to the next phase would have been slower if we each continued on our own. Together, we have the scale and the breadth and depth of capabilities to be much more effective as a business and in meeting the needs of our customers,” he said.

Aside from creating a mega-corporation to rival the likes of Gen-i, any possible deal would also be a way for Datacraft parent Dimension Data to enter the New Zealand market.

The Channel has contacted both Intergal-Axon and Datacraft for comment on the rumours.

At time of publication neither had returned our request for comment.

Update: A Datacraft spokesperson has responded with "unfortunately we have nothing new to announce at this stage".


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