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Safety app made free for business to support remote working during COVID-19
Tue, 31st Mar 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

A new mobile safety application has been made available for small to medium enterprises to support remote ways of working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The smartphone app and performance console, from Safe365, is available free to new SMEs for next six months, on a special COVID-19 subscription plan.

Many businesses have turned to remote working as the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to affect the business community. Many cities and countries across the world have gone into 'lockdown' mode for a matter of weeks as they try to contain the spread of the virus.

Businesses with less than 200 staff that need a digital solution to support them through working from home can access the solution at no cost for up to six months. The offer includes all features on the Safe365 smartphone app, including its new working from home set up checklist, incident/event reporting, risk and hazard reporting, culture and engagement surveys plus as many bespoke/custom checklists a workplace needs through the COVID-19 challenge.

There is no obligation to buy Safe365, the company says.

"A number of our existing customers have been engaging with us about how Safe365 can help during COVID-19. We thank you for this," Safe365 says.

"If you are an existing customer, earlier this week, Safe365 made available a new 'working from home set up' checklist, which has been deployed in your checklist zone on the performance console. Simply click 'active' to deploy it to your connected app users.

"Early feedback from customers on the template checklist has been extremely positive," it says.

"Well being risks associated with extended periods of isolation are being publicly spoken about by experts in the media. Early next week, we will also have a special COVID-19 survey added to the survey zone, so you can regularly check in with your workforce during the lockdown period," the organisation explains.

"Beyond that, we recommend ensuring you have reviewed your notification arrangements in the 'settings' area on the performance console, to ensure the right people in your business are being notified of the right reports," it adds.

"We appreciate we are a very small part of a very complex suite of solutions relating to COVID-19, but we hope that in a small but meaningful way, this offer for SMEs out there will provide a little extra support to ensure you stay connected to your team and keep them healthy and safe while working remotely."