26 May 2010
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Secret organisation unifies video standards

A UK-based not for profit organisation is advocating open standards in the 'online video eco-system'.

Whether online video is delivered in the home, at a business or via a mobile platform, there is a need for open standards, says the Video Convergence Forum (VCF).

Interestingly the organisation chooses not to disclose its membership, which it claims isn’t sinister. Membership is intended for all stakeholders in the online video ecosystem, this includes content owners, hosting companies, service providers, broadcasters, device manufacturers, transcoding companies, and online ad insertion companies.

After repeated questioning, CEO Daniel Bar-Lev said the organisation is too new to release the members. He did say that six of the online video industry’s biggest players are already members though and added that potentials are coming on board too.

At the NetEvents APAC press summit in Singapore last week the company said that professional media content will reach far broader markets, and open up whole new revenue streams, thanks to the Video Convergence Forum’s programme to develop standard profile definitions for online video.

You can find out more about the organisation here.

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