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ServiceNow, NVIDIA debut AI solutions for telecoms service management
Fri, 1st Mar 2024

ServiceNow, a prominent digital workflow corporation, has joined forces with NVIDIA to introduce generative AI solutions specifically designed for telecommunications services management. The partnership aims to enhance service experiences, triggered by the current trend of telcos turning to AI and automation to uncover new business opportunities and reduce costs. An IDC survey revealed that 73% of global telecommunications service providers regard AI/Machine Learning investments as the key to support operations and drive efficient transformation.

The newly introduced "Now Assist for Telecommunications Service Management (TSM)" is based on the Now platform and leverages NVIDIA AI to boost agent productivity, expedite the time to resolution and enhance customer experiences. Now Assist features are powered by ServiceNow's large language models and are operated on the NVIDIA Triton Inference Server. It is customised with the NVIDIA NeMo, both components of the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform, which is dedicated to the development and deployment of AI applications.

In addition to enhancing the productivity of customer service agents, the GenAI-powered Now Assist also factors in the summarisation of chat and agent assist capabilities playing a strategic role in call deflection. According to Rohit Batra, General Manager and Vice President for Telecom, Media and Tech at ServiceNow, the GenAI-driven summarisation of case activity, customer interactions, and work notes can guide agents with the best course of action towards resolution.

Moreover, the GenAI coupled with Now Assist enhances service assurance by facilitating incident management teams, stakeholders and customers with a rapid and streamlined understanding of incidents. For instance, a fiber cut, a frequent challenge for assurance teams, could have significant financial repercussions. GenAI helps to decode technical jargon, condense complex information into concise summaries, accelerating the time to resolution, and thus improving customer experiences.

"GenAI is a game-changer for telcos looking to boost productivity, improve customer experiences, and drive cost savings," says Batra. He believes that the partnership between ServiceNow and NVIDIA will empower telcos to realise previously unprecedented business value and impact swiftly.

The sentiments of Chris Penrose, Global Head of Business Development for Telco at NVIDIA, echo those of his counterpart at ServiceNow. He believes that as AI influences enterprises globally, the alliance with ServiceNow will assist telcos in leveraging GenAI to tackle their unique set of challenges, resulting in better, more robust and efficient experiences. Both parties aim to continually solve the sector's significant challenges and drive business transformations for telecoms globally, thereby heralding a beginning of large-scale transformation for the industry.