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ServiceNow & Udemy unite for power skills learning boost
Fri, 2nd Feb 2024

ServiceNow, a leading digital workflow company, has joined forces with Udemy, a top-ranking online skills marketplace in a first-of-its-kind partnership. The collaboration aims to introduce power skills into the Now Learning platform by blending Udemy's soft skills courses with ServiceNow's technology training. It has already resulted in over 75 of Udemy's power skills courses being integrated into the Now Learning platform.

As industries evolve with developments such as AI, there is a growing demand for individuals skilled in specialised technical competencies. Furthermore, the rise of skills-based organisations and trends towards a more fractured global workforce mean businesses are continually hunting for the best talent. To meet this need, ServiceNow is broadening its course offering. Now Learning will now include skills such as artificial intelligence, design thinking, project management, active listening, and conflict resolution, alongside Udemy’s power skills courses.

This move comes at a time when ServiceNow has discovered that if roles remain the same, 23.5 million US jobs are predicted to be influenced by emerging technologies in the coming years. This projection emphasises not only the importance of technical competencies like artificial intelligence and project management, but also highlights the significance of power skills such as collaboration, communication and innovation. As a result, 98% of executives are shifting from focusing on degrees to skills validation, promoting a more diverse and dynamic workforce.

With this integration, new career progression opportunities will open for learners as they develop a mix of technical, functional, and power skills. The enhanced courses are part of ServiceNow's Career Journeys initiative launched in May 2023 to offer guided and structured learning paths for critical roles.

Stephanie Stapleton Sudbury, president of Udemy Business, commented: "The workplace is undergoing a massive transformation and the rise of generative AI, and increasingly dispersed global and hybrid workforce has made power skills all the more critical. We are thrilled to be expanding our relationship with ServiceNow to help organisations and professionals maximise their potential."

Amy Regan Morehouse, Senior Vice President, Global Education, at ServiceNow, added: "What sets RiseUp with ServiceNow apart from other skilling initiatives is our focus on whole-person competencies combined with technical knowledge. We are thrilled to partner closely with Udemy to bring these much-needed power skills to more of our learners and help them future-proof their careers."

In addition to the power skills courses, three new generative AI courses from Udemy, including 'Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning and Deep Learning', 'ChatGPT/AI Ethics: Ethical Intelligence in an AI World' and 'Intro to Chat GPT and Generative AI', will be added to the Now Learning platform.

ServiceNow, which services over 8,100 global enterprise customers and includes 85% of the Fortune 500, has long been a Udemy Business customer and advocate for employer-provided learning and development programmes. Udemy has also been a popular source for ServiceNow course content, with over 130,000 enrolments and growing in related courses on Udemy's platform.

Now Learning's extension into Udemy power skills courses is accessible today, providing valuable training and skill development in technical, functional and power skills.