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Sex, Drugs and Anti-virus Software…starring John McAfee

21 Jun 2013

Think half-naked ladies, drugs, firearms, smoking, profanities and a fugitive suspected of murder and what do you get?

A four-minute YouTube video called "How to Uninstall McAfee Antivirus" by founder John McAfee.

Giving the press an absolute field-day, the odd-ball software pioneer hit out at his former company in a bizarre online rant - a rant which is nearing the one million viewing mark by the minute.

Whether it be frequent cussing, cocaine style snorting or groping scantily-clad women, McAfee bares all, quite literally.

Allegedly mocking the media's "unfair portrayal of him as a mad man", McAfee claims he made the video in response to the constant barrage of messages he still receives regarding the software.

"I was tired of seeing references to 'Please hang this man because he has created the worst software in the world,'" he said after posting the video.

"I did the best I could at a paranoid rant."

That he did. But while many have taken the video with a pinch of bath salt, again quite literally, McAfee the company may well be considering taking legal action against McAfee the person - still following?

"While we take any attack on our products seriously, these ludicrous statements have no basis in reality," said Ian Bain, spokesman, McAfee in a statement.

"We continue to focus on what matters: our customers."

Then again, with the video being so ridiculous, maybe pursing legal action would be a pointless task - especially given nobody is taking it seriously.

In light of the video release, Belize Police commented that McAfee is still wanted for questioning regarding the murder of his American neighbour late last year - but nobody is banking on him returning to the country anytime soon.

Anyways, check out the bizarre rant below - WARNING ADULT CONTENT ONLY.

What do you think of John McAfee's video? Too ridiculous to take seriously? Tell us your thoughts below