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IWD 2024: Sharing and connections: The true foundation of the security industry
Thu, 7th Mar 2024

The security industry has an ironic dual nature: keeping things safely guarded is the heart of what we do, but being open and willing to share ideas is what grows our profession and leads to innovation. And a balance of both is necessary to create trust. 

Security professionals are passionate about their work and are more than happy to share their expertise with those looking to learn. I have seen it among my colleagues, with our Channel Partners, and End Users alike: once people are in a room together, the conversation seems to naturally steer toward sharing. From the outside, it might just look like a lot of technical talk, but the connections made are critical to the progress of our industry. 

A large part of the process when building these connections is the ability to listen. 

Careful listening is a strategic necessity to guide the development of solutions that solve real-world problems. When done with intent, it fosters the kind of foundational trust and loyalty that long-lasting partnerships are built on while also serving as an imperative tool for product development. 

But listening is not a passive activity. Understanding customers' expectations and day-to-day security concerns requires active and ongoing engagement to keep up with the evolving needs, pain points, and requirements across their various industries.  

At Gallagher Security, our customers are our compass. As a privately owned company, we're committed to reinvesting 15% of our annual revenue back into our research and development each year, empowering us to be customer-obsessed in everything we do. 

After all, innovation doesn't happen in a vacuum. Each new technology, feature, integration, and benefit introduced to the market propels the security industry forward. We observe, we learn, and then we consider our own products and services and ask ourselves: "how can we do better?" Those who recognise that sharing – both directly and indirectly – holds this power are the true industry leaders, and their willingness to step forward challenges the industry at large to rise to the occasion. 

We believe in the mission of the security industry: protection and creating peace of mind. When we share knowledge freely, we make it possible for everyone to achieve that goal.  

Talk to any salesperson, and you will find that sharing is not just nice to have - it is essential to business. That is because sharing knowledge freely builds trust, and with trust comes the kind of connections that build long-lasting business relationships. 

From networking and building out your contacts list to signing an NDA or securing a contract, making connections with other security professionals is the unspoken foundation we all operate upon. We learn from each other, but more importantly, we spark new ideas and gain inspiration. I know that, personally, when I walk away from a presentation, or even just the conversations that happen in between, I find new motivation to take back to my work. 

Without the openness of thought leaders, mentors, colleagues, and even competitors, none of us would grow, and the industry would suffer.  

So, when the opportunity for sharing and making connections arises, all of us in the security industry should participate. It's an investment in our own professional development, but more importantly, it's paving the way for better ideas, creativity, and development yet to come.  

At Gallagher, we believe that staying at the forefront of innovation and customer-centric solutions is the foundation of sustained success. Making connections, listening to customers, and using research to inform our product development positions us to not only adapt to shifting needs but to forge a path toward a more secure future.